Monday, March 19, 2012

Actually, I'll take the dog.

What is it about 3am in my neighborhood?  It's like the witching hour for the crazies to get loud.  It's usually just The Dog.  A poor, disenfranchised youth let out in the wee hours, set on tormenting my toddler with noisy "scary" barking.  (And since I don't have an exact address/location for the dog, I couldn't report it to animal control.)

Last night was definitely worse.  Our windows were flung open, to let in the fresh spring air.  Lovely!  Till the clock struck 3, and the neighbors started fighting.

Most of my neighbors are lovely people!  I live on a cute little street, with cute little houses.  Lots of children, dogs, and waving Hi to each other from porches.  All the reasons I wanted to move to the South.  (Um, hi.  Maryland is the South for me).  We do have a few neighbors, however, that are a little less classy.  And these neighbors aired their grievances last night for all to hear.

At first, I thought I was having a really swear-ridden dream.  But I was jolted completely awake by "YOU FUNKY CHORE!"  Except that funky was the F-verb, and chore was more like a bad sort of woman.  The fight went downhill from there, with my husband and I sitting up in bed, mouths agape at the langauge we were hearing. 

We worried about the fight waking Laura, till we realized that thankfully her windows do not open, and that thankfully this domestic disturbance was in front of our house, rather than behind.  Laura slept through all the bad words I hope her mouth never utters.  I shut our window, and fell back to sleep wondering the meaning of some of the new words I'd learned.  No, I won't be repeating them.

#ISwearILiveInANiceNeighborhood  #SometimesIUseBadWordsButWOAH  #ImGladLauraSleptThroughThis  #ThreeAMIsMyNemesis