Thursday, March 8, 2012


I'm having one of those supermom weeks.  Laura's sick again?  No problem!  I'll get her to the doctor, buy groceries, and cook dinner without blinking an eye.

Home with the sick kid for a day?  No big deal!  We'll sleep in, take a shower, run errands, vacuum the shiz out of the downstairs, put Laura down for a two hour nap, and cook dinner.

Back at work after a lifetime away?  Ha!  I'll work my ass off, get home, cook dinner, vacuum the shiz out of the upstairs, and rearrange furniture to make room for somebody's big girl bed. 

I might have done a little too much last night (and I might also be nesting).  I might be a little exhausted today (is it Friday yet?), but the house is tidy.  We're well fed.  I'm effing rocking my supermom cape.  Don't feel too jealous; I'm sure I'll snag my cape on something soon enough.