Monday, March 12, 2012

Definitely Pregnant

On Friday, I almost attacked a coworker because she had the exact sparkling water I have been searching for to no avail.  Perrier Grapefruit in the 1/2 litre plastic bottle, in case you know of a source and want to mail me some.  I practically launched my pregnant self across the table as I pointed at her and yelled "WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?!"  It was most innappropriate.  And also, it turns out she hadn't seen any in months and that she was just reusing the bottle for some plain old flat water.  Poop.

So on Friday night, I stopped at Giant to pick up a a few 1 litre glass bottles of Perrier Grapefruit because even a big, heavy glass bottle of liquid heaven is better than none.

I also grabbed a 6-pack of Deer Park Sparkling Lime because it was less expensive than the 4-pack of Perrier Lime (still in heavy glass).  I figured, inferior sparkling lime would be inferior sparkling lime, regardless of brand.  Since anything not grapefruit is inferior. 

Wrong.  Deer Park ain't got nuthin' on Perrier.  The bubbles are all wrong, and the lime doesn't even taste limey.  A mistake I won't be repeating.  But don't get me wrong - I have two bottles of this inferior bubbly stuff on my desk right now.  They'll be gone by my weekly grocery shopping tonight.  Where I'll be hoarding Perrier.

Here are some other ways I'm definitely pregnant:

  • My pants are too tight.

  • My shirts are too short.

  • I boiled Laura's sippy cup parts in vinegar last night, because they weren't clean enough.

  • I heaved myself off the couch last night with great drama.  Nate asked where I was going.  My answer: "I NEED TO CLEAN SOME STUFF."

  • I washed the inside of the dishwasher twice this weekend.  The second time?  10:00 last night.

  • I flipped out over the grout in the bathroom tiles.

  • I vacuumed the downstairs for over an hour.

  • I cried last night when I couldn't schedule a weekend to tear out and reinstall the basement installation before the baby comes.

  • I cried this morning when I realized my pants were too tight and I didn't have time to go home and change them.

  • I wrote out a "Things To Clean" to-do list.  I hate cleaning.

I am 29w 4d, and I think I'm nesting.