Friday, March 2, 2012

Maybe It's OK

I sulked most of yesterday afternoon. 
My tummy hurt most of last night. 
I didn't want any dinner... until I was suddenly ravenous and even crankier.
Laura fed off my crankiness... until she asked to go to bed a half an hour early.

The damn neighbors dog started howling barking, again, at 3am on the dot, again.
Laura woke up because of the barking, again.
I couldn't fall back asleep because Gavin was trying to kick his way out, again.
I slept in, again.
I slept in on the one morning I actually had to shave, blow-dry, put on make-up and wear a dress.  Classic.

But I made my train.
And I look really nice in my dress.
I was 28 weeks yesterday, and definitely 100% in the third trimester.
It's sunny out.
Nate and I are being taken out to dinner by his boss tonight for a job well done.
It feels great to be recognized for hard work.
Because when you are the wife of a Certified Financial Planner, you are part of the sales team. 
And I work hard to advocate for my husband's valuable services.

I treated myself to Starbucks this morning.
My coworker shared a truffle.
Another coworker and I finished a big project.
We got lots of applause.

Maybe it's all ok.