Friday, March 9, 2012

Big Girl Bed

We started talking about getting Laura a big girl bed way back in November.  Laura was 21 months old, and already fighting her crib at bedtime.  She wanted a "big cwibby" to sleep in.  I emailed my parents and arranged to have them bring my childhood bed (that was also my mother's) to our house, where it then languished in the basement for a while longer.

We held out on moving Laura through the holidays and her 2nd birthday.  When she turned 2, Laura moved into a new classroom at school and began taking her naps there on a cot, rather than a crib.  She turned up the volume on wanting a bed.  My in-laws had a spare mattress and boxspring to go on the bedframe, but...

I just wasn't ready to wrap my preggo brain around rearranging the entire upstairs to fit a guest bed, massive desk, crib, big girl bed, changing table, and bureau.  It was too much, so I ignored the issue.  But Laura has been sleeping half her nights in the guest bed.  Which is where I prefer sleeping these days.  And is also where the nanny my mother-in-law sleeps on Thursday nights.  It wasn't a good solution.

We finally bit the bullet, moved furniture, and procured the mattress for the bed.  The boxspring is still at my in-laws, as it couldn't fit in the station wagon at the same time as the mattress.  We'll get it next week.  In the meantime, Laura spent her first night in her big girl bed last night:

Laura could not be happier about having a big girl bed!  Our transition was really easy, as Laura so desperately wanted a big bed.  We do have a side rail up on the non-wall edge of the bed in case she rolls.  We have yet to address the issue of her getting out of bed on her own during the night.  We have a baby gate ready to install at the top of our (very steep) stairs, so maybe we'll take care of that this weekend.  In the meantime, she was never a kid to attempt escape from her crib, and she has been content to wait for help getting out of the guest bed these past few weeks.

And yes, we did decide to have Laura and Gavin share one tiny room:

[caption id="attachment_1382" align="alignnone" width="224"] Laura's SideGavin's Side[/caption]

What you can't see here is that Laura's bed goes almost the whole way to the opposite wall, and only just barely allows the armoire doors to open.  It's a tight squeeze (with Laura's bureau in the other room, and Gavin's clothes... um... he doesn't need clothes), but it was the best solution for all our stuff. 

 As far as nesting goes, I'm feeling much better about things.  I was really wound up about getting the upstairs reorganized for everyone to fit.   Now that we've completed that task, I can move onto better things.  Like dusting the walls and washing infant clothes.