Monday, March 5, 2012

Did it have to be today?

I just fielded a call from Day Care.  Laura's running a fever and is complaining about her ears.  Again.  Of course she had to get sick on a Monday.  Again.  Why do children always get sick at the most inconvenient (and expensive) times?  Here's why Mondays are no good for Laura to be sick:

  1. It's the beginning of the week.

  2. We missed the convenient Saturday hours at the doctor's office

  3. If she goes home sick on a Monday, I have to keep her home on Tuesday as well.

  4. I pay for day care on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

  5. Which means I am the back-up plan for childcare if she stays home.

  6. Which means I have to take sick days from work. (That I don't have)

  7. We have free (Grandma) day care Thursdays and Fridays.

  8. Which means it's far too convenient for Laura to get sick.

And aside from all my whining, Laura getting sick means she's sick... again.  And no mother wants to see her baby hurting.  No mother truly wants those fever snuggles (even if snuggles are most welcome at all times).  No mother wants to coax ten days of Amoxicillin into an unwilling mouth - even if it does taste like bubble gum. 

I am so tired of ear infections.  And to all of you out there lauding this crazy Spring-like weather we are experiencing: I hate you just a little.  It's the crazy rises and falls of the barometer that are wreaking such havoc on little ears.  Give me four normal seasons any year.