Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Yesterday wasn't a total bust.  I spent a really great day with my funny bunny little girl.  We slept in, (one of us, er me) had some breakfast, ran some errands, cleaned, napped, played... and only watched Lady and the Tramp once! 

The doctor had been able to squeeze us in at 4:45 Monday night, which was great.  We got to start our third round of antibiotics that much sooner.  The doctor also scheduled us for a two-week ear check, so we can really try to get rid of this ear infection once and for all.  Here's a look at 2012 thus far:

January 31st - Laura comes down with a raging fever, just two days after her second birthday.  We go to her previously scheduled two-year "well baby" visit, and come home with a prescription for Augmentin.  One teaspoon twice a day for ten days.  And the crap tastes like coconut flavored chalk.  Laura fought every single dose with all her might.

Laura finishes the chalk, and is ok for a week...

February 20th - Laura is raging with fever again.  I'm fortunate that she got sick on a Federal Holiday, so I'm not missing yet another day of work.  This time we are prescribed Zithromax - famously strong, and also incredibly laden with sugar

Laura finishes the sugar, and is ok for a week...

March 5th - Laura gets sent home from school, and here we are again.  This time we are given Amoxicillin - the big kids dose.  It's 1 teaspoon twice a day for ten days, but thank GOD it tastes like cherry bubblegum.  She's back at school today, with an actual appetite.  Which in Laura's world means she ate one whole miniature pancake for breakfast.  A big eater, she is not.

Let's just hope this is the end of antibiotics for a while.  Also, this is one of the worst things I've ever written, but I'm hitting publish anyway!