Sunday, February 14, 2010

Flying Solo

It's not a very happy Valentine's day for me.  My mom left this morning to fly home to my dad and younger sister.  We had two wonderful weeks with my mom.  She cooked, cleaned, changed diapers, and offered a magic pinky finger that quieted Lulu when nothing else could.  I feel so lucky to have had my mom around to help me adjust to life as a mom.  She was fantastic in every way - even if it was just a small hug to let me know it was ok to cry, or a little reminder to go take a nap.

Hubby has been great.  Amazingly helpful.  And I know his parents would come help out in a heartbeat if I asked.  It's just different having your own mom around, cooking all your childhood favorites... It's going to be so weird without her! 

Hubby's back to work after a week off from all the snow tomorrow.  I'll be on my own...