Thursday, February 4, 2010

How could I forget?!

I take back everything I ever said about the "Mean Doctor."  She was the doctor who delivered Lulu.  And she was fantastic.  The entire time I was pushing, she was completely calm and incredibly encouraging.  Hubby did all the counting (and apparently was loud enough to count for a woman down the hall too!), and one of the nurses held a foot and coached me through.  But it was Dr. A who really got me through the experience.

And once Lulu popped out - and was blue - Dr. A's calm demeanor made everything seem ok.  Even though I was sobbing and everything seemed so terrible.  She calmly handed the baby to the NICU team, and set back to work on me.  Talking to me the whole time, telling me how I was doing a great job and that everything would be ok.

I could never have gotten through the experience without her!!