Friday, February 19, 2010

The Upsides and the Downsides

Of Lulu's rapid weight gain.

Up:  She's gaining weight!  My milk is good!
Down:  She has developped a heart murmur

Up:  The doctor doesn't think it's serious.  "Problematic" heart issues would stunt her growth, which obviously isn't a problem.
Down:  We still have to take Lulu for an echocardiogram, just to be safe

Up:  I had a murmur when I was little, and the EKG was a highlight of my childhood!  I got to wear my favorite dress, go somewhere the my brother couldn't go, and SEE my heart!  On TV!  It was awesome.
Down:  I don't think the experience will be as cool as a mom watching my little girl with all those nodes on her tiny chest.

Up:  No matter what, we'll know we're doing our best to keep our daughter healthy!
Down:  It appears that childhood heart murmurs run in the family.  Oh well...