Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Monday/Tuesday Potpourri

I'm all over the place today.  Is it Monday?  Is it Tuesday?  When is it Friday again?  Is Laura at school today, or at home with Grandma?  Did I go to the gym?  Is it lunch time yet?  Where am I?  Who am I?  Does anyone know anything about anything?!

But really, my point is.  I'm not sure.  Do I have a point?  Most Mondays of late, I have completely forgotten to post for McFatty Monday.  Well, I didn't eat too very much this weekend, despite the holiday.  Scratch that.  I had quite a few beers and several ice creams.  But I went to the gym today!  And I plan to go on Thursday and probably Friday, too!  And I looked great in my swimsuits all weekend!  And feeling sexy is really all I'm going for here, so I think I count this past week as a win.

What about all those other memes out there?  RemembeRED?  This week, we are asked to write about a TV show from our past.  Here's mine: Gilligan's Island.  My mother has abhorred Mr. Rogers since 198-something when he did a week long special on divorce and convinced my older brother that at some point, all mommies and daddies get divorced.  My parents will be celebrating their 36th year of marriage in a few weeks, thank you very much.  But anyway, this meant that when Mr. Rogers came on after Sesame Street, my mother frantically grabbed for the remote to switch the channel to anything else.  That anything happened to be Gilligan's Island.  My brother and I l-o-v-e-d all the ridiculous stuff those people made out of coconuts, which turned into endless hours of imaginative play for us at the family's beach house.  Is that a beach chair?  No!  It's a thatched hut!  That's not a lobster pot - it's a treasure chest!  I thought about how much fun we had playing Gilligan's Island this weekend as I watched Laura splash for hours on end in the pool.  I can't wait for her to have siblings and cousins to play with during the summer.  Note to self: buy Gilligan's Island on DVD.

Nate, Laura, Ries and I enjoyed a lovely 4th of July, complete with hammock naps, hours in the pool, Coronas, grilling, and fireworks.  Lots of fireworks.  I hope you had as wonderful a weekend as we did!