Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I can do this!

You know those irrational fears you have as a mom?  Those ones where you won't be a fun enough mom, or crafty enough?  Those fears where other moms will totally show you up at the science fair (because let's be honest the moms are totally in charge)?  Those fears where you will be the mom to experience stage fright in front of a room full of kids?

After today, I worry for my craft and social skills no longer.  My children are safe.  They have a mom who can create a paper bag puppet without mumbling like a moron in front of a crowd.

I made nearly 150 paper bag puppets today.  With nearly 150 children between the ages of 2 1/2 and 85.  No seriously.  Eighty-five.  That woman was young at heart.  Was it chaotic?  Totally.  Was I covered in marker and glue?  Indescribably so.  Was it awesome?  OMG YEAH!

I connected with a group of kids today.  I talked TO them without feeling like I was talking down to them.  I felt confident in helping those kids when they needed a hint.  I felt confident in asking kids to please wait their turn, without feeling bossy.  And dammit if I didn't rock the socks off those paper bag puppets!  Best puppets ever!

So all my fears about being an awkward mom, unable to craft or talk to my kids' friends, have completely flown out the window.  I can do crafts!  I can talk to kids without seeming creepy!  And the lack of creepy is a very important thing, my friends.  Very important.  I am going to totally rock this whole "mom" thing.