Friday, July 22, 2011

Fluff Friday

I hear that my generation is very nostalgic.  Already.  This is why all things childhood are so popular right now.  Have you seen the craze for cupcakes at bakeries across the country?  Even Sesame Street has been running classic clips in their latest episodes.  And did you hear that Nickelodeon is bringing back Clarissa Explains It All?  Oh yes they are!  I am over the moon about this.  And it's not just Clarissa - my old friend Doug Funny is coming back too!  Anyone else want to be Patty Mayonnaise when they were in middle school?

Speaking of mayonnaise and nostalgia... I went through a phase as a toddler where I was really into Peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwiches.  My mom swears they are really tasty with sprouts on them.  To that I say, "Pass me the fluff!"
 My coworkers and I were talking about the wonders of the fluffernutter sandwich at lunch yesterday (as we all munched healthy, grown-up food much to our dismay).  One of the interns sitting with us is Canadian - and had never heard of fluff.  Whoa.  My desires to move to Canada for free health care have been quashed in a single blow.  So when I happened to pass by a display of Fluff when I was running errands last night, I bought some on behalf of our poor, deprived, Canadian intern.

And then, when I turned the jar around to muse nostalgic on the familiar glass jar, I saw The Recipe: Never Fail Fudge.  The most delicious chocolate creation of my fondest childhood memories.
For a better view of this recipe, please visit my cooking site!
Mrs. MidAtlantic Cooks
Dear Mom, I may disagree with you on the PB&Mayo&Sprouts sandwich, but thank you from the bottom of my heart for the thousands of pounds of fudge you kept in my tummy.  Much Love, C