Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Am I the only mom who worries that her child doesn't look like her?  Laura looks a lot like her daddy.  Who looks almost identical to his dad, his four siblings, and his four paternal cousins.  There are some strong genes on that side.  And while I think Nate is HOT, I also want my children to bare at least some passing resemblance to me.

It doesn't matter too much.  Kid could look like the milkman, and she'd still be adorable!  I'm glad she's not the milkman's kid.  That would be awk-ward.
Woah, Mom.
Did you just compare me to the milkman?
My mom and dad were able to take some really adorable pictures of Laura this weekend.  Including one where Laura looks a LOT like I did as a baby:
Left: Me with my big brother, c. 1982/3
Right: Laura c. 2011
See those cheeks and eyes?  And THE NOSE??  That nose is all mine!  I was really worried curious about the nose, actually... Nate's is just generally big and mine is ridiculously long.  But so far that little button looks a lot like mine!
Laura and Mom
So do we look exactly the same?  Probably not.  But it doesn't matter, because she is super adorable!