Thursday, July 28, 2011

Slinging Cake

In the last four years, Nate and I have been to fourteen weddings for friends and family.  Fourteen beginnings for fourteen new families.  Each wedding has been lovely and beautiful.  Each has been a testament to the personality of the couple getting married.  All of the weddings have been filled with joy and love. 

Whenever I reflect on how much fun Nate and I had at a wedding, I always feel bad for the other couple.  Their wedding just wasn't as fun or perfect or love-filled as our wedding.  Sorry friends, you just don't even compare.  Nate and I had the perfect wedding.  Four years ago today, we woke up on the hottest day of the summer, put on copius amounts of clothing, and professed our love the best way we know how.  By slinging cake at each other.

Oh yes.  We were that couple.  All covered in cake.  But can you blame us?  That cake was freaking delicious!