Monday, October 29, 2012

How I Spent Hurricane Sandy (Day 1)

I have this odd compulsion to make my children's Halloween costumes. I guess it's my way of assuaging my guilt at being (and loving it) a go-to-work mom. I might drop the kids off at daycare, but dammit I make their Halloween costumes!! Well, two costumes so far. Laura was a store-bought tiger in 2010, a costume which Gavin will don this year. Laura is dressing as Ariel this year, in a costume I have proudly put together.
I had lofty plans of making a sea foam green tutu, which Laura would wear over a lavender leotard with hand sewn seashells. I pinned various tutus as inspiration, and was at Target looking for a leotard before heading to Joann's when I saw it: the perfect dress. My heart skipped a beat as I casually walked by. If I pick it up, Laura will see it and we'll both be in love and I will buy it. Buy it I did. It was the perfect base for Laura's Ariel costume. All I needed was the seashell bra and some red hair.

Done. Target had a Disney certified Ariel wig that went right into my cart, and I resolved to make that bra. Weeks and weeks went by. I finally bought the sequined fabric yesterday, Sunday, days before Halloween. Thank goodness I was home today to make those seashells!!

Ok, so I didn't "make" her costume in the traditional sense, but I am still so pleased with how Laura's costume turned out!