Friday, October 26, 2012


My day started off with a great night's sleep... but a very unfortunate coffee.  Dunkin' let me down!  I'm agast at the implications.  Armagedon, surely.  But my day has sort of continued the same way: something awesome (sleep!) followed by something less awesome (bad coffee!), with a little Armagedon, surely, on the side.

Surely you can't be serious.
I am serious... and don't call me Shirley!

I'm trying to plan all the things! from upcoming birthdays, to the holidays, to parties, to Baptisms...  When really it doesn't matter.  Because the Storm of the Century is surging my way.  So why plan a trip to the pumpkin patch when it's just going to be too rainy?

And I'm tormented by the upcoming election.  Both by all the hate and mean being spouted on the internets, and by my indecision.  I don't honestly know who or what to vote for.  Obama or Romney?  Could I get a third option with a viable chance, please?  Extended gambling?  The arguments against are convincing... but paid for by West Virginia?  And the arguments for are equally convincing, but paid for by whom? 

The one vote I know, without a doubt in my heart: gay marriage.  Solid yes on that one.  Love is love.  (and to that end, I'm still eating Chik Fil-A.  Love is love and I love chicken)

But none of these votes matter.  Because Sandy.  Pssh!  Who needs elections when we're going to be fighting over toilet paper by Wednesday?  By we, I don't mean me.  I won't survive the zombie apocalypse. 

On that note, I'll see you next week.  If next week ever comes ;-)  I'm not a weekend blogger.  Besides, I'll be too busy stocking up on formula and chocolate to write anything coherent.  As if this was coherent!