Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Take your Laura to Work Day

Remember when I brought Gavin to work with me a few weeks ago? My coworkers loved getting the chance to see him, but missed Laura. I knew I needed to bring her in, but wasn't sure she'd be as easy to entertain as Gavin was! But then my mom decided to fly to Baltimore for a 24-hour trip on a random Tuesday and I had my chance to bring Laura to work!

So yesterday morning, we all piled in the car, dropped Gavin at day care, and then caught the train into DC. Laura really enjoyed the train ride, but was a little miffed when she had to sit on my lap as the train filled with commuters. We were on a fairly crowded rush hour train because, yes, I was bringing my 2.5 year old to work for the day, but I still had to get some actual work done! That's why I had Grammy tagging along!


We got to work, grabbed some breakfast (mmm ham & cheese croissant...), and got to work. By got to work, I mean I got to showing off my cute kid. Who of course became shy for the first time in her life and wouldn't open her mouth to talk to anyone for anything. Even the allure of cubicle toys couldn't get that girl to crack!

A teddy bear on my desk became a new BFF, and Laura eventually settled in ON my desk (sitting on my scanner, oops) with crayons for the morning. I got some work done while my mom and I caught up. I did have a meeting to go to, which ran REALLY LONG, so I sent Laura and Grammy out into the galleries to visit the exhibits and play. I am told they had a lot of fun.



Grammy and Laura got to hang out with my coworkers for lunch. Laura refused to show off any of the tricks I keep telling them about, of course. But she did have fun playing hide and seek in the conference room! Laura ran off a ton of energy, and was ready for a fantastic hour and a half long nap under my desk, George Costanza style.


I got a ton more work done, seriously, and then decided we'd catch the 4:20 train home. It was a really fun day in the end, and I'm really glad I could visit with my mom, even for a few hours while I worked!