Tuesday, August 30, 2011

An Ode to Work (and Electricity)

Oh, to be back at work,
Where there is the loveliest little toaster for bagels,
Where lightbulbs fill whole rooms with light,
Where computers connect to internet, 
Where vacuums TURN ON when plugged into the wall.
Oh work! Oh blessed work with the electricity therein!

As you might have guessed, we are still without power.  BGE estimates that power will be restored by Friday at the latest... or maybe Saturday morning.  I can't make this shit up.  They actually said in their message, "Definitely Friday!  But maybe Saturday."  So I'm planning on spending the long weekend gutting my fridge, cleaning every surface, and spending hundreds of dollars to fill it again.  Yay!

But on a positive note?  Aside from the loss of my refrigerator, I am actually really enjoying the loss of electricity.  My house is amazingly calm and quiet.  Nothing is whirring.  Nothing is buzzing.  The TV is continually silent.  Nate was talking about how much he missed TV (not me!).  Laura looked over at it and said, "Oh yeah!"  She had completely forgotten about her friends Dora, Diego, Elmo and Cookie.  The quiet is music to my ears.  I swear, I have even enjoyed being a mom more since the power went out.  I have spent more time on the floor, reading, playing, gobbling that little sweet baby neck spot than ever before.  I almost don't want the power back, except that I'd like my fridge.

Since losing power, I have had my moments of frustration.  I have been snappy and bitchy.  But I'm always a little snappy and a little bitchy.  I'm mostly snappy and bitchy when people ask about the fridge.  It is what it is!  We've lost the food, and that sucks.  But we could be a whole lot worse off.  WE HAVE HOT WATER.  Done.  Period.  Given the choice between power and water?  I'll take safe (and heated) water any day.  We'll get the electricity back in good time. 

For now, I am truly content to suck up as much electricity as I can at work, and spend quiet candlelit evenings with Nate and Laura.