Friday, August 5, 2011


I stepped in a puddle of water on Tuesday night, right in front of the dish rack.  I figured I had been a tad sloppy washing the pots and pans, so I just threw a dish towel onto it and walked away.  When I stepped on the same spot and felt a cold, wet towel under my toes on Wednesday night, I decided to check out the problem.  A great big puddle on the floor, coming from the sink cabinet.  Great.  The entire floor of the cabinet was sopping wet and warped.  Water everywhere.  I found a (working) flashlight and turned on the tap to find the link.  Even better: the drain pipe.  So the water wasn't even clean!  EWWW!

The Culprit: A cracked seal

I called my dad to make sure I could consider this problem a not-emergency, since emergency plumbers are EXPENSIVE.  He concurred.  Keep the sink use to a minimum, avoid running the dishwasher, and the leak should be contained.  I posted a photo of the problem in Facebook, to share my woes... and came back to 15 comments from friends advising how I could fix it myself! 

I planned on fixing the pipe after work yesterday, but when I got home from work my father-in-law was under the sink, wrench in hand!!  I have never been so happy to see that man.  I didn't have to do anything!  Laura tried to help out a little while I basked in not doing a darn thing.

Don't worry, Laura has a flashlight!
Laura micromanaging the job
Laura checking out the finished product
The sink is good as new, and I can wash dishes again.  Yay!  Er, wait a minute.