Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Potty Pooper

Yes.  I'm about to talk about my daughter going to the bathroom.  I'm looking for advice, so please offer it if you can.  And if you don't want to read?  You are excused!

For several months now, Laura has shown signs of interest in potty training.  It all started when, at just over a year old, she would pee all over the bathmat every single time I got her diaper off for bathtime.  So we bought her a little potty to stick her on as the tub filled with sudsy water - with much success!  We would often lift Laura into the tub to see the little puddle left behind.  Cue much praise.

So lately, Laura has been grabbing the front of her diaper and hopping in front of us to get our attention.  If we fail to respond, she walks to an isolated corner, still holding her diaper, and squats down.  We've made it to the actual potty a few times, but mostly she tells us too late and isn't sure what "Can you hold it?" really means.

Nate and I are looking to get more serious about this whole potty training thing... BUT.  We have no clue what to do - especially at such a young age!  I never thought I'd be asking for advice on this subject at EIGHTEEN MONTHS OLD.  But here I am.

Have any of you potty trained early?  How'd it go?  Did you use a specific method?  Any and all recommendations are welcome!