Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cape Escape

Wait, you didn't know I was gone?  That's because I'm all cagey and stuff.  But I'm back.  After a beautiful week at my family's summer home.  After a week of sun and ice cream and waking with the sunrise.  After a week of balloons and pizza (peee-sah!) at the band concert.
After a week of home cooked food in my favorite kitchen.
After a week of remembering the feel of sand between toes (some of us liked it better than the toddlers of us).

After a week of watching the fish get off-loaded at the pier while harbor seals wait, hoping for a stray to fall into their open mouths.
Down they go!  Down the chute!
At least four seals bobbing by the pier
It was a beautiful week.  Sunny and wonderful.  I missed the earthquake in DC, as I lazed on the beach, watching the seagulls fly overhead.  I am told that people felt the quake as far north as Boston.  I guess I was cushioned by the sand beneath me.  I didn't even see a Great White Shark on my trip - that's how calm and perfect everything was.  Although, seeing a shark might have made it a little more perfect.  Who knows.  I'm back.