Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thirty-Six Years

Today is my parents' thirty-sixth wedding anniversary.  They met nearly forty years ago, and were married on a hot August day four years later.  It's been (mostly) happily ever after since then.  My parents have always shown me and my three siblings so much love.  Love for each other.  Love for us. 

They didn't get too many pictures at their wedding (don't gey my mom started on their photographer!), but I love how this one:
 Is so similar to this one taken three years ago at the same (though renovated) church:
You can see the same boat-ribbed ceiling of the church in both pictures.  Even after the renovation, they kept the spirit of the original design very much alive.  I also love the 70's sleeves on my mother's dress!  Classic!

This was posted in honor of my parents' anniversary in conjunction with "Down the Aisle" over at Mommy of a Monster & Twins!