Monday, August 8, 2011

Ms. CrankyPants

Laura was cranky this weekend.  Which made me cranky.  At least, that is how I see it.  As Nate sees it, I was the cranky one, which made Laura cranky.  Apparently she "reflects my moods" or some crap.  Nate's probably right, since he's a victim of our combined crankiness and can probably tell who was cranky first. 

I took out my crankiness on a dozen (homemade!) chocolate chip cookies.  Oh, and Nate.  And some more cookies.  And then Nate again.  After yelling at him, again, Nate put me in a time out.  Up in our room, by myself, until I was ready to be pleasant again.  I was supposed to be napping, but I was reading instead.  This is oddly reminiscent of my childhood.  Sometimes I wonder if Nate and my mother are secretly in league with one another.

But at least the cookies were good.