Wednesday, November 30, 2011

22 months going on 16

Laura sits on the toilet lid while I finish my hair. She rummages through my make-up bag till she finds the compact I use for foundation.

Hee-ya, Mommy! she pipes up.  I take the compact from her and find the round pad in its hidden compartment.  I swipe the powder across my cheeks, nose, chin, forehead.

Waura's turn! calls the voice next to me.  I gently dab the pad twice on each cheery cheek.  Laura rummages some more.  Out comes my favorite brown eyeliner. 

Waura's eyes, Mommy!  I hold the pencil near Laura's face as she squeezes her eyes impossibly shut.  Two quick swishing sound effects later, Mommy's turn! pipes up from the voice beside me.  Before I can finish lining my own eyes (for real), a small hand holds out the mascara.

Ok, Laura! Your turn! I quickly swoop the wand in front of Laura's wide-open, beautiful blue eyes. Her lashes are so long without mascara. It's funny to think someday she'll insist on wearing it for real.  I quickly finish my eyes and put the powder, eyeliner and mascara back in my make-up bag.

And so it begins, I hear from a bemused fatherly voice in the bathroom doorframe.  I look up to find Nate has watched this whole morning ritual unfold.  Indeed. So it begins.