Tuesday, November 15, 2011

FB Official

My stomach lurched.   My father-in-law posted on Facebook, announcing to the world at large the pregnancies of his DIL (me) and daughter.  I was not ready to have my pregnancy on Facebook.  I still had very close friends and family I needed to tell - and I did not want them finding out secondhand on Facebook of all places.

I was furious.  Thankfully, my FIL respectfully removed the post minutes after I asked him.  But lord almighty.  I just can't understand sharing someone else'e good news!  I know he's excited, but I'm only just 12 weeks.  My sister-in-law is so early, she hasn't even been to the doctor yet!  Leave that information off the interwebs!

Ok, I figured it was probably a kick in the pants for a mass email to those close friends and family.  I sent out a nice, private email with a picture of the happy big sister to be, which I planned post on FB under my own terms the next day.

This plan was great, with emails galore from loved ones, till 3pm.  A facebook post from a cousin congratulating me on the pregnancy.   But since nearly half a day had passed since the inital email, I decided to stop caring.  I posted the good news on Facebook.  It's official.  Facebook official.  I'm pregnant!