Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mommy's Tummy

The way I see it, Laura isn't going to know what hits her when the new baby comes home in May.  She'll be two years and four months old, with the thought of sharing her mommy and daddy a completely foreign concept.  Should we try to get her used to the idea?  Probably... but I don't think it'll help much with the shock to her system.

Nate is very excited to talk to Laura about the new baby.  He brings it up with her all the time.  He remarks on her baby doll handling skills, and how great she'll be at carrying around the new baby.  (Um... I don't plan on having my two-year-old carrying around our newborn...)

Last night, Nate tells Laura, "There is a baby growing in Mommy's tummy!"  Laura marches over to me, throws up my shirt, and starts looking for the baby. 

So sweet my heart almost burst, Laura kissed my tummy all over.
Not so sweet, but hilarious beyond belief, Laura tried to peer into my belly button to find the baby.

Laura was a little disappointed with her findings, and went back to rocking her baby doll to sleep.  I have a feeling that Laura is going to be a great big sister.  No matter how big the shock.