Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pinterest: I did it!

We all love Pinterest.  I love pinning all the things.  As I've explained before, I don't have Pinterest linked to the name "Mrs. MidAtlantic," because I wanted something I could do as a real person, to share with people in my real life... like my mom.  So I'm on there, pinning away.  Pinning ideas for home decor I'll never do.  Pinning recipes that I might try, but maybe won't.  Pinning ideas for crafts while convincing myself I'm crafty (I'm not). 

I got really into pinning felt crafty things this fall.  I was asked to decorate a Christmas tree for a local museum back home, based on a children's book.  And while looking for felt crafty tree ornament ideas, I came across this:

So cute for a grandparent gift, right?  And totally do-able?  All I needed was one toddler hand, some cloth, some embroidery floss, and an embroidery hoop.  I needed every supply but the toddler hand for my tree anyway, and I have two toddler hands at the ready most evenings.  So I actually sat down and did a Pinterest craft!

And of course, now I can't actually pin my creation until Christmas is over.  Because my mom follows my pins.