Monday, February 27, 2012

27 Weeks-ish

[caption id="attachment_1357" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Taken on 2/23/12: exactly 27 weeks"][/caption]

Yet another terrible picture of me!  This time, via webcam on a random computer.  While the lighting isn't great, you can get a pretty good idea of the beach ball I call Baby Gavin.  And also the gargantuan melons up top.  Notice how small my hips and butt still are... it makes picking out clothing really obnoxious.  Pants: size small.  Shirt: size large.

So yes, I'm exclusively wearing maternity clothes.
And yes, Gavin is a mover and shaker.  The movement is pretty much non-stop.  It's cute till I'm trying to sleep!
So no, I'm not sleeping all that well.
And no, I'm still not feeling all that great.

I scheduled an "emergency" visit to my OB last week.  In part to make sure I wasn't having real contractions - the discomfort was that bad.  I was high and tight, so Gavin isn't coming anytime soon.  Which is good.  Let's wait another 9.5 weeks.  But my doctor did refer me for an ultrasound of my gallbladder to rule out gallstones.

Besides the awful cramping (I guess really strong Braxton-Hicks), I've had sharp stabby pain under my right shoulder blade, near constant nausea, and a complete inability to poop.  Mix those symptoms with a really poor family history of gallbladder removals, and it looks like I'm experiencing a gallbladder attack.  I have the ultrasound on Wednesday.  I really hope I'm only carrying one foreign body (Gavin) in my torso at the moment.  I'll post an update as soon as I know more.

In happier news, Nate and my mom were able to devise a plan for how to rearrange the furniture to make room for Baby Gavin.  Laura and Gavin will share Laura's current room.  The guest room/office will remain as is, but with the addition of the changing table.  It's going to work.  I'm feeling slightly better about our baby preparedness.