Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mademoiselle Crocus

It's 65* and beautifully sunny here in Maryland today.  When I left this morning around 8:15, I needed sunglasses and only had on a light jacket for the sake of wearing an outer layer in the middle of winter.  My mom and Laura were on the couch discussing their plans for the day, including a promised trip outside to play on Laura's slide.

I don't think either of them planned on finding this little friend blossoming alongside the house:

You're a little early, Mademoiselle Crocus!  But can you blame her?  It's been so lovely outside.  Who wouldn't want to stretch their petals and soak up the warm sun?  I'm trying not to get my springtime hopes up.  March is still two weeks away and is a very long month.  In like a lamb, out like a lion, right?