Saturday, February 4, 2012

And then this happened

A friend I don't deserve came to my house today and cleaned my basement. We'd been planning it for weeks. I'd really been looking forward to it. Not the cleaning so much, mostly the part about having my house a little less toxic to live in.

I didn't get any "before" pictures. In part because my anxiety upon entering the basement. But also because of my sheer embarrassment over the state of things down there.

I organize shit for a living. My house is a disorganized, embarrassing nightmare. So I called in back-up. A coworker who also organizes shit for a living, who asked only for Chick Fil-A lunch in payment.

We threw out 12 bags of trash.
We emptied and recycled 20 cardboard boxes.
We condemned the Mouse Condo couch.

It was disgusting and wonderful. We laughed. We cried. We organized, cleaned, and made my house a little less awful.


And if you still think this looks bad, you have no idea. Nate asked if we could install a disco ball and throw a party. I said no, but only because I'm partied out after Christmas and Laura's birthday!

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