Friday, February 24, 2012

Keep Reading!

If you ignore a problem long enough, it'll go away.  Right?  That's been my stance on the whole Google Friends Connect "issue."  GFC wasn't showing correctly on my new-ish WP blog anyway, so I have no idea if anyone who had previously subscribed through GFC is still out there.  Hellooooo?!????  Are you with me?!????

I figured GFC would go away and I would... just squeak by somehow and hope that I'd still be able to find all the blogs I love to read through Blogger.  Because I still log-in to Blogger every day to use that reader to read my beloved blog friends.  I'm, like, way ahead in this technology thing people. 

THEN this morning, I read about the new Linky Followers tool!  Thanks to Jennifer for adding Linky to her blog and telling the world!  I managed to get myself an account AND add the widget thingy to my blog.  It's over there!  On the right!

Sign up, please!  I would LOVE to keep all of you as readers.  I love you guys!