Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I close my eyes as the water pounds splashes over my head and streams down my back.  I feel so small in the shower.  Good small.  Small like I'm a miniscule part of a much bigger world out there.  Because I am.

During the day, I feel enormous.  Physically, I can't fit behind my desk at work anymore.  I cross my fingers that I won't be seated at a booth in a restaurant.  My favorite spring jacket won't button closed. 

During the day, I start to feel too big for this world.  Too good for this world.  I'm the biggest, best person in this world.  Earth revolves around ME.  And maybe the sun, but mostly ME.  So listen to me, world!  I'm the biggest, most important one here!

My morning shower is a time for smallness and reflection.  A time to remember where I really fall on this earth.  I am one of the billions of most important people.  The water cleanses my soul and brings me back to a humbler place.  I stand in the steam, washing my self-enormity away.  A little kick, from a miniature foot, reminds me again of my place on this earth.  It's the best feeling of small.