Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I am not sure what to do.  Laura is increasingly picky about the foods she will and (mostly) will not eat.  When we first introduced solids way back when, Laura would eat everything we put in front of her.  Everything.  And when she started eating real foods, it was the same deal.  She preferred her foods to be saucy and red, but she'd pretty much each anything.

Lately?  Laura is dropping a previously loved food every minute.  We're down to butters and nunnets, with the occasional ogurt for variety.  But not the baby ogurt.  Only the di-saur ogurt.  Sometimes an appo wesh, but with the skin peeled, and no little bits of skin accidentally left on there.

If you're looking for a translation, Laura's menu is limited to peanut butter, chicken nuggets, Dananino yogurt (rather than Yo Baby), and apple wedges. 

The other night, she was adament that she needed meatballs and brocoli for dinner.  Awesome!  I keep meatballs in the freezer, so that's easy!  I got everything made and cooled.  Laura immediately decided that her meatballs were "dirty" and couldn't be eaten.  WHAT?!

The tantrums.  Oh, the tantrums.  And the more I try, the less she eats.  The less she eats, the more I freak out.  The more I freak out, the harder I try.  It's a bad cycle.  She had toast for dinner last night, people.  Toast.

How do you other moms get your picky kids to eat?  Is there a way to stop this madness?!

And to my own parents, an apology.  I am so sorry for all those nights I wouldn't eat dinner because the tacos had green things (peppers) in the meat.  I am so sorry for all those weeks when all I would eat was grilled cheese and fairy sandwiches (butter and white sugar on white bread).  I am sorry for the malnutrition and high cholesterol.  I am sorry for being a picky eater!