Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Eggs

I debated for a long time this week whether or not to dye eggs with Laura.  I envisioned a happy domestic scene with white eggs, crayons, and cups of dye.  I also envisioned spilled dye all over my dining room, broken eggs, and tears.  Was dying eggs worth the mess?  Would Laura care at all?  Did I even know how to blow out the eggs once they were dyed?!??

I bought white eggs and dye on Tuesday, with the intention of dying eggs on Wednesday.  Wednesday, I decided maybe on Thursday when I'd have my MIL at the house as back-up.  Thursday I waffled a lot.  I wanted to dye the eggs, but I was also so tired and the couch was so couch-like!

In the end, I got out the eggs, gathered the crayons, found the dye and plunked Laura in her booster.  We were going to dye some eggs. 

Laura and I first decorated our eggs with crayon.  I added Laura's name and the year, and we picked colors of dye.  Laura wanted teal, I wanted pink.  Two colors seemed like plenty for our three little eggs.  They came out alright, and I figured out how to blow them with success! 

Laura didn't press quite hard enough with her crayons on the eggs, so her little scribbles are a bit hard to see on the colored eggs.  The eggs were also too cold at first to take the crayon with much success (which didn't help Laura's cause either).  Our decorations showed up much better after the eggs warmed up a bit.  I'll have to remember that for next year.

Because we will certainly dye eggs together next year.  Laura really enjoyed the process.  She loved holding the egg carefully in her hand while she colored all over.  She loved stirring the egg in the dye.  She wanted immediately to hold her wet, vinegary creation, even though I made her wait so they could dry.  Everything about the craft was worth getting up off the couch.  I am so glad we made the time for a little Easter craft!