Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Train to Catch

My life has been ruled by a train schedule since September of 2004.  That's nearly eight years of riding the rails to and from DC every week day.  The train can be a little frustrating sometimes, but for the most part I have loved my train ride into work each day.

It's a forty-minute ride each way, during which I completely surrender control.  I am not driving the train, manning the switches, or deciding which train can pull into which platform at the station.  I am simply sitting; I am one single passenger among the many.  I abandon control the minute I step into the vestibule in search of a seat. 

But first, I have to catch that train.

Crap!  I slept in!  Must shower!  What should I wear?  Someone wake the baby!  Make-up or none?  Ponytail it is!  Did I pack Laura's lunch last night?  Laura - get your shoes on now!  Waffles or french toast.  LAURA - waffles or french toast!  PICK ONE!  Get in the car!  Mommy's late!  Walk a little faster sweetheart!  Mommy has a train to catch!

That's where I stopped myself this morning.  Yes, I did have a train to catch.  I also had a little girl whose mother had snuck into her room after a late night at work for one sleepy hug.  I had a little girl who just wanted to wear leggings like mommy, instead of the jeans she already had on.  I had a little girl who just wanted some milk, even though all her sippy cups needed to be washed.  I had a little girl who needed a few more hugs, a few more assurances that mommy would be back after nap.

So I took a minute to switch Laura into leggings.  I took another minute to wash a sippy cup and fill it with milk.  I took a third minute for some huggies.  A fourth minute for assurances.  A fifth for still more huggies.  I missed a train.

But there was another train along in 15 minutes.  I had plenty of time to catch that one.  And had I needed more minutes for more huggies, there would have been another train along 20 minutes later still.

There are never enough huggies in the world.  There is always another train.