Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Remember last year when I joined the Ultimate Blog Party?  It was fun!  I loved reading so many new blogs!  So I'm joining again.  Party time!  Excellent!

Ultimate Blog Party 2012

Hi!  I'm Caitlin.  I've been blogging as Mrs. MidAtlantic for three years on April 30th.  What started as a way for me to vent my baby fever without driving my husband nuts has become my own little journal.  I mostly use this space document sweet memories of my family of almost four (baby boy is due late May!), and sometimes to whine about some of the crazy people in  my life. 

I've lately been blogging about how adorable Laura is at two years and three months.  How different it is being pregnant a second time.  My opinion of toddlers.  There's a lot of talk about pregnancy and toddlers... a lot.  But, that's my life right now, and my blogging certainly mirrors my life! 

I hope you enjoy my little blog.  Thanks for stopping by!