Monday, April 16, 2012


My husband's family threw a baby shower for my sister-in-law this weekend.  Liz is due with her first baby, a little girl, at the end of June - just a month after Gavin is due!   The shower was wodnerful.  So many people showed up to shower Liz & Vin and their happily anticipated daughter.  The room was packed with people and love.  I was so happy to watch Liz receive the same love and attention for Nico as I did just two and a half years ago for Laura. 

It's a really funny experience, to be the "other" pregnant woman at a shower.  There were many guests who were surprised to see my huge belly and to learn I was a month ahead of the guest of honor.  Many asked why I wasn't also being showered that day.  Well, because this is my second pregnancy.  I already have all the big things I need for Gavin's arrival.  We have the swing, cradle, crib, carseat, high chair, bouncer, and tub.  Anything else we need for him isn't anything particularly exciting for friends to purchase and gift wrap.  I didn't want to be asking for presents, when we didn't need anything.   I did receive a few little gifts for Gavin, that mean so much to me.  Not necessarily for what they were, but for the thought given to my second child.

Maybe it was silly of me to deny Gavin any baby showers for being the second child.  I never want him to feel less loved or appreciated, just because he wasn't the first.  He might not be my first crack at motherhood, but he is my first son.  He will always be my only Gavin.  He will never come second in my heart.