Thursday, April 28, 2011

Weather or Not

I am sleepy and a titch grumpy today.  I am affected by the gloomy weather outside.  Yesterday there was sun and I was sunny.  Today there are clouds and my countenance is clouded. 

Yesterday (though cheery) I was having dizzy spells all day.  At first I thought I'd had too much caffeine.  Then I thought I was too hungry.  Then I thought I hadn't had enough caffeine.  Then I fell fast asleep on the train home and felt much better.

So maybe I was tired yesterday, despite my cheeriness.  Maybe my body was so physically exhaused, I couldn't stop twitching.  So I gave myself the evening off from housework, because I felt some quiet rest was more important.

Then a lightbulb burnt out over the sink.  So I took off the dome, replaced the bulb, and decided to clean the dome.  Then I figured, while the lightbulbs were out, I should change the bulb that has been burnt out over the stove for over a year.  So I figured out how to remove the airvent to actually get to the bulb... and stuck my hand in a pool of ancient grease.  So of course that had to be cleaned.  And scrubbed.  And soaped.  And brillo-ed.  And then dried and replaced. 

I had given myself the evening off from cleaning, and wound up doing some of the grossest cleaning to date!
But a clean house is entirely worth it for this funny bunny!